Privacy policy

1. What kind of information do we collect?

We might collect, store and use these types of information:
• Information about your computer, about your visits to this site and how you use it (including your IP address, whereabouts, browser type, how were you directed to this site, duration of stay on this site and the number of site views);
• Information which you provide when subscribing to out newsletters and service news.
• Any other information that you voluntarily provide us.

2. Cookies:

An HTTP cookie (also called web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or simply cookie) is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information (such as items added in the shopping cart in an online store) or to record the user's browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past).
We use Google Analytics to analyze this website. Google Analytics generate statistics and other information about using this website by cookies stored in people’s computers. By using this information reports are made of how this website is used. This information is stored by Google. Google’s privacy policy can be found here: . Advertisers and payment services providers can send you cookies as well. On this website we share advertisements backed-up by Google Adsense. Google chooses them so they are related to your interests. To find out about your interests Google will follow your activities on the Internet by using cookies. You can check, add and remove your categories of interests related with your web browser with Google’s Ads Preference Manager which can be found here. You are able to refuse the use of Adsense partner’s cookie here but a cookie is being used in this website for declining and if you delete the cookies completely your choice will not be saved. To make sure you succeed when trying to remove them a Google plugin is necessary which can be found at: . Most of the browsers lets you choose to decline all cookies where as some only lets you block cookies from third countries. For example Microsoft Edge lets you turn off all cookies by going to „Tools“ > „Internet Options“ > „Privacy“ and choosing „Block all cookies“. On the other hand blocking all cookies will have a negative effect on using most of the websites including this one.

3. Personal data usage

Personal data given in this website will be used for reasons given in the privacy policy or relevant parts of the website. We can use your personal information for given purposes:
• Authorization of the website;
• To improve your browsing experience by personalizing this website;
• To send you a newsletter by email (only with your consent; can be canceled at any time)
• To give third countries statistical information about our site visitors but this information cannot be used to identify any exact person.
We will never send your personal data to third countries with marketing purposes without your clear consent.

4. Changes of policy

We might rarely update privacy policy by releasing a new version of our website. You should read this page from time to time to make sure you agree with these terms and updates.

5. Third countries’ websites

Some hyperlinks are present in this website that lead to other sites. We are not responsible for these sites’ privacy policies or practices.

Please be informed that cookies are used on this site. The use of certain cookies requires your consent. You can cancel your consent at any time by changing your web browser settings and deleting your saved cookies. Plačiau