1. General knowledge

This goods buying and selling agreement defines person’s who buys products from www.idealride.eu internecine rights, duties and responsibilities. If a person is buying goods from this site, he or she agrees with terms given bellow. Seller – UAB “Ednora”, Legal person’s code – 123089923, Address – Eišiškių plentas 26, Vilnius, Lithuania. 

2. Agreements drafting

2.1 Agreement between seller and Buyer is considered formed after the Buyer fills wanted cart, puts in required personal and shipping information and clicks “Agree with terms and purchase”. The agreement is active until all duties of given terms are done.
2.2 If Buyer does not agree with a single term given here he must not submit a purchase.
2.3 Buyer upon clicking “Agree with terms and purchase” confirms that he has read all terms and conditions, that they are clear to him and he/she completely agrees with them.
2.4 The agreement is multifold i.e. when Buyer clicks “Agree with terms and purchase” this agreement is applicable on later purchases.
2.5 Considering article 2.4 the Buyer must always reread T&Cs before his purchase since they might be updated since before.
2.6 Upon agreeing to second and later time purchases Buyer agrees with updates made in T&Cs part of the website.

3. Buyers rights and duties

3.1 Buyer has a right to purchase goods from this website upon agreeing to our T&Cs and Republic of Lithuania laws.
3.2 Buyer has the right to refuse by terms given in chapter 7 of this agreement.
3.3 Buyer must pay for for wanted parts, their shipping and must retrieve the goods once they arrive.
3.4 Buyer pays off in methods shown in “Safe payments” part of the website.
3.5 If some of Buyer’s provided information is updated one must provide us with upgrades ASAP.
3.6 Buyer must follow all T&Cs and Republic of Lithuania laws.

4. Seller’s rights and duties

4.1 If Buyer affects or tries to affect this website in a negative way, we have a right to temporarily or permanently discontinue our cooperation without an early notice. If this happens seller is not responsible for any inconveniences or fines already paid by the Buyer.
4.2 Seller has a right to temporarily or permanently interrupt store’s activity without a notice and is not responsible for any inconveniences made for the Buyer. Although if a purchase was made with webstore still being active Buyer will still receive ordered goods.
4.3 Seller has a right to update T&Cs and by doing this Buyer has to agree to them once again when making a purchase. Changes are active instantly after being implemented onto the website.
4.4 Seller has a duty to strive to give Buyer terms to use the site appropriately.
4.5 Seller is not responsible for inconveniences made for the Buyer that are related with technical issues with this website or information referral errors.
4.6 If seller cannot provide goods wanted by the Buyer, the seller has a duty to offer Buyer an analogous item. If the Buyer does not agree with offered item seller will refund the money during an previously agreed period of time.
4.7 In this case seller is dispensable from responsibility for not providing the goods.

5. Price of an item

5.1 Price of any item is written in its own description.
5.2 Description of an item on this website is considered as integral part of the agreement.
5.3 Price seen on the website does not include:
5.3.1 Shipping expenses. They will be shown and added to the sum when ordering before pressing “Agree with terms and purchase”.
5.3.2 Payments to bank and (or) card fees. It depends on the bank that the Buyer is using.
5.3.3 Buyer’s expenses for phone calls when asking about our items.
5.3.4 Expenses when refunding an item back to seller when the Buyer has a right to do so (exception for cases when by the terms seller has to pay for refund shipping). Buyer chooses his own way including the expenses when refunding an item.
5.4 Buyer must pay the shown and agreed on price after one presses “Purchase” and is redirected to a page where he can choose payment method. If the Buyer demands an item’s record documents it must be mentioned when ordering. It will be sent in the next email. This document will not be sent in a paper form.
5.5 On every occasion, when Buyer does not complete the payment in 1 (one) workday it will be considered as refusal of our agreement.
5.6 In this case seller loses his duty to sell items and Buyer’s order is considered as canceled.
5.7 Buyer’s order is processed after the seller receives both item and shipping expenses.
5.8 It is forbidden to share order number with anyone else who do not have the right to receive the parcel.
5.9 In case of third person getting the order number please immediately contact us in any way given on the site. If seller is not notified of this it will be allowed for the third person to take the parcel himself in your name by terms of this agreement.
5.10 It will be considered as the parcel was properly shipped to the Buyer.

6. Shipment

6.1 Shipment prices are as given:
6.1.1 In Republic of Lithuania: shipment prices vary from 2 to 49.99 Euros.
6.1.2 Shipment prices to abroad differ depending on the country. Calculator for shipping expenses can be found here. For any other questions related to this section please contact us.
6.2 On very rare occasions parcel shipment might be delayed. It is sellers duty to immediately inform Buyer about it and when it will be delivered.
6.3 Domestic shipment takes 1 to 3 workdays. Shipping abroad times differ depending on the country which to the parcel is being shipped to.
6.4 Seller has a right to change delivery periods. In such case the Buyer will be notified instantly with an email.
6.5 Buyer will be notified by an email and (or) SMS on the day of delivery.
6.6 On the day of delivery Buyer has a duty to check the condition of the parcel with courier who delivered it. If any violations of the package are noticed, they must be mentioned on the shipment’s confirmation.
6.7 When the person who receives the parcel signs that one received the package it is considered as it is in perfect condition.
6.8 When parcel is delivered to the given address it is considered as given to the Buyer. It does not matter If it was received by the Buyer or another person.
6.9 If the parcel is not delivered on the agreed upon day, the Buyer must give a notice to the seller as soon as possible but not one day later.
6.10 There might be additional charges if no person is available to receive the parcel on the agreed upon day.
6.11 By pressing “Purchase” Buyer agrees to such additional charges that might be applied.
6.12 If Buyer notices that delivered goods do not correspond with the given description of the item one must contact the seller as soon as possible but not the next day after receiving it.
6.13 Seller is obliged to do everything he can to fix problems that were caused to the parcel by either him or people working for him.
6.14 Buyer is able to take goods from sellers place (Eišiškių plentas 26, Vilnius) after getting and email that requested goods are ready to be taken and by informing the seller that one is going to come take them.
6.15 Buyer is obliged to take goods in 10 days from when it is available for pickup.
6.16 Buyer confirms that he is introduced and agrees with article 6.15. If the parcel is not taken in that period seller loses the duty to look after these goods and the agreement to sell items is considered as properly done.
6.17 When receiving the parcel Buyer must provide the seller with the unique order number. On the day of delivery Buyer has a duty to check the condition of the parcel with courier who delivered it. If any violations of the package are noticed, they must be mentioned on the shipment’s confirmation. When the person who receives the parcel signs that one received the package it is considered as it is in perfect condition.
6.18 Good’s breakdown risk is a complete Buyer’s problem and responsibility from the moment he/she or another person receives the parcel.

7. Refusal of agreement

7.1 Buyer has a right to refuse the agreement by informing the seller in 14 days since:
7.1.1 receiving the goods;
7.1.2 if Buyer orders more than one item and they are delivered separately, from the day Buyer receives the last parcel;
7.1.3 if a kit is delivered on different days, from the day Buyer receives the last part (item);
7.1.4 if an agreement is reached for regular shipping of the items on the arranged period of time, from the day first item reaches the Buyer;
7.1.5 in every case since the parcels are already delivered and they have not been used or broken, the original casing is not damaged and the commodity is looking perfect.
7.2 Form of the refusal of the agreement is an addition to this agreement.
7.3 In the document of refusal of the agreement IBAN or bank account must be provided to where the refunded money should be transferred to.
7.4 We will confirm the refusal of the agreement by sending the Buyer an email.

8. Refunds

8.1 Goods delivered to the Buyer can be refunded in cases when:
8.1.1 Buyer used section 7 terms to refuse the agreement after the goods were delivered or after the goods were shipped and Buyer then chose to refuse the agreement.
8.1.2 Buyer received a damaged parcel or not with full promised kit. Buyer then has the right to either get another item or get a money refund.
8.1.3 Buyer has informed the seller about the lacks of the parcel or uncompleted kit not later than one workday from receiving the goods.
8.1.4 Buyer does not like the received goods and asks the Buyer to replace it with an identical one. It must be done in 14 days since receiving the goods. Buyer sends it and pays for shipping expenses and Buyer sends identical one back upon receiving the refunded one also with Buyer’s shipping expenses.
8.1.5 If no identical item is available for change and the goods are delivered back to seller in 14 days Buyer gets a refund (excluding shipping expenses).
8.1.6 When refunding goods Buyer must send them with original packaging, papers that confirm the purchase must be included.
8.1.7 Buyer is responsible for refundable/exchangeable goods packaging. If the items are not packed as they were sent out before or are missing some parts, seller does not accept the refund.

9. Period of parts availability for use

9.1 All goods sold from this shop get a 36 months warranty which is provided by the manufacturer.

10. Responsibility

10.1 Buyer is responsible for correctness of given information when ordering. Buyer is also responsible for the after-effects caused by errors in providing information to the seller. Buyer is responsible for the fact that person who receives the parcel is able to take it in his/hers (Buyer’s) name and do know the order number.
10.2 Violation of this agreement will be decided and assessed by the laws of Republic of Lithuania.
10.3 According to laws of Republic of Lithuania’s paperless signature provision, Buyer and seller agree that confirmation by logging on to the site by using unique log in data (unique code) has the power of paperless signature. (Article 8, part 1 of the laws of Republic of Lithuania).
10.4 Buyer must confirm that his log in data is secure and only known by the Buyer.
10.5 If any suspicions come up that Buyer’s log in information is known by others, the Buyer must instantly contact the seller.
10.6 All acts done under the Buyer’s log in information on his account are accredited to the Buyer.
10.7 Seller is not responsible for any information on other websites even if Buyer is redirected to another website from idealride.eu.
10.8 Item’s color, shape and other parameters might differ from the ones shown in pictures.

11. Personal data management (when goods are given to person)

11.1 Any information related to Buyer’s personal data is kept in secret and is not published anywhere except for chapter 9 of our terms when person’s data is given for prosecution of the agreement.
11.2 Any other personal data sharing except for reasons given in section 11 of our terms are always negotiated with the Buyer before taking any actions. In any other case the sharing of Buyer’s personal data is done if only It is legal by the laws of Republic of Lithuania.
11.3 Buyer by pressing “Purchase” agrees to give seller personal data that is asked when filling a form. The given data is available for usage to process selling of the parts while agreement is active.
11.4 Buyer by pressing “Purchase” agrees that seller can share his personal data with shipping company, administrators of this webstore and IT specialists that work for the seller.
11.5 Buyer by pressing “Purchase” agrees that the Buyer and people who will receive the parcel in his/hers name are informed about their right to know about seller’s and people mentioned that manage their personal details and how it is done. Buyer is able to ask us to change, remove or undo processes related to their personal information when it is being done not by terms provided in this agreement.
11.6 Buyer by pressing “Purchase” agrees that he/she and (or) people who are going to receive the parcel knows about their right to refuse to share their personal data with the seller but do understand that the information is necessary to identify the Buyer and people who are going to receive the items in the Buyer’s name in the name of process for the agreement. If the information is not provided seller will not be able to proceed with the agreement and will not be able to provide the Buyer with the goods.

12. Information sending

12.1 Sellers requisites are given in the agreement’s beginning. Buyer’s requisites will be used after the Buyer fills the form for required goods and proposes the request for items by following webstore’s requirements.
12.2 Seller sends all messages and information to the email provided by the Buyer in their form when buying goods.
12.3 Buyer sends his questions and messages to the addresses provided in the “Contact info” part of the site.
12.4 When a message is sent by email it is considered that addressee got it on the same day if the message was sent on a workday 8am to 5pm (Lithuanian time, GMT+2 time zone). If a message was sent not on a workday or not during working hours it is considered that the addressee got the message on the first upcoming workday.

13. Concluding remarks

13.1 Buyer and seller agree upon that all information that is given on the seller’s webstore (including these terms, information about the seller, offered items and services, their descriptions, the Buyer’s right to refuse on the agreement’s policies, the seller’s provided goods’ care and warranties(if given)) are considered as given to Buyer on paper.
13.2 These terms do not limit Buyer’s rights as they are written in the laws of Republic of Lithuania.
13.3 All disagreements sprung by or related to these terms between the Buyer and the seller are solved by negotiating. If sides fail to reach a consensus, frictions are solved by the court and laws of Republic of Lithuania. Dissensions with users are solved by considering guarantees and rights set by acts of law.

Ordering and descriptions of goods are considered as attachments to the agreement. These attachments are integral parts of the agreement.

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