Rent is a wish to share…

We enjoy what we do and understand how an unexpected idea to go somewhere with your family or friends might sometimes create a feeling of living true life.
For this reason we offer and share with you what we have, what we like ourselves – cars which we revived for a new life and look after like family members. These cars never let you down and are ready for traveling.
We offer you a reliable service which will leave you great memories of the trip. Responsibility for the given service is our understanding of what we do and honest work is a concurrent.

Lexus LS400

  • Year: 1992
  • Engine: 4,0 V8
  • Four-seated;
  • Unique vehicle;
  • Automatic gearbox;
  • Climate control with AC;
  • Perfectly sounding audio... Read more
    • 75 €
      / day
    • 225 €
      / 3 days
    • - €
      / 5 days

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